Christophe Basso and Dan Waterloo discuss spice simulations at APEC 2019

Switch-Mode POWER SUPPLIES Spice Simulations and Practical Designs

Switch-Mode POWER SUPPLIES Spice Simulations and Practical Designs

Generic Current Mode Controller in Buck Circuit

Generic Current Mode Controller in Buck Circuit

This advanced modeling and simulation class focuses on the topics needed to successfully model and simulate switch mode power supplies.

The class content parallels the material presented in Christophe Basso’s excellent book, focusing on basic power conversion concepts, building generic modeling blocks and combining into controllers, and then covers practical simulation techniques of SMPS designs.

SMPS Modeling and Simulation Class Content

Day 1: Spice Skills ‘boot-up, review, sync’

  •     Schematic Entry
  •     Simulation Overview, Settings, Waveform Viewing
  •     Configuring Schematic Symbols and Simulation Models

Day 2: Power Conversion Overview, Modeling basics

Chapter 1 : Power Conversion Overview

  • Resistors
  • Switches
  • Duty Cycles
  • Topology Overview

Chapter 2: Small Signal Modeling

  • SSA
  • Average Models

Chapter 3: Feedback and Control Loop Overview

Chapter 4: Basic Blocks and Generic Switching Models

Day 3: Modeling (continued) and SMPS circuit buildup

Chapter 4: Continued
Building a basic SMPS circuit for Simulation

Day 4: Power Supply Simulations

Chapter 5: Non-Isolated Converters
Chapter 6: Offline Converters
Chapter 7: Flyback Converters
Chapter 8: Forward Converters

SMPS Modeling and Simulation Training Dates and Summary

SubjectClass DatesLocation
SMPS Modeling and SimulationFlexibleOnsite - Your Location

All attendees of this 4 day class will receive a hard copy of the book ‘Switch-Mode Power Supplies’ by Christophe Basso, a demo copy of the simulation software, example files from the book and developed by the instructor, hard copy and electronic copy of the overhead presentation, and a Certificate of Completion.

The class is  available for on-site classes, minimum of 3 students. The class costs $3995.00 for each student. For on-site classes, the hosting company will need to provide computers and a conference room, and travel expenses for the teacher.