There are two types of models in Spice, the ‘intrinsic’ model and ‘.subckt’ models.

Intrinsic Models

Intrinsic models are built into Spice, and have defined characteristics (specified by model equations, i.e. R = V/I). These devices require parameters that ‘tune’ the device equations for a specific output characteristics. Using a product called “MODPEX”, we can generate a set of model parameters using the following process:

Standard turn-around time for a device model generated with MODPEX is 2-4 days from the receipt of the device datasheet and purchase order/credit card info/wire transfer.

Custom Subcircuit models

Interface Technologies also generates custom subcircuit models such as OpAmps and Switchmode controllers, Optocouplers, etc. These devices are more involved from an engineering perspective, and quoted by device. Please contact us with your requirements.
Pricing varies slightly depending on the type of model required.

 for an exact quotation.  We’ll generally need a datasheet for the device that you need quoted. If you have one and send it with the request, that is very useful.