Symmetry Design Systems merged with Analogy/Avant!/Synopsis. The Modpex program is no longer commercially available, but please see the support and modeling services that we offer by clicking on the link below:

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Symmetry Design Systems Logo
SYMMETRY Design Systems, Inc. developed software and computer simulation models used with PSpice, Spice2 and Spice3, and Saber simulators. Examples of devices that are modeled are transistors, diodes, operational amplifiers, power MOSFET’s, igbts, digital drivers, etc. Symmetry offers a complete modeling solution with tools, model libraries, and services.

Modeling Tools
Symmetry’s modeling tool, MODPEX, allows you and your EDA tools group to create, test and document SPICE compatible models in minutes from scanned device datasheets or measurements. Models are formatted for direct use in EDA environments from Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, Analogy Inc., other commercial and internal simulators.

Model Libraries
Our library of over 7,500 simulation models, SymLib, are ready for immediate use with your simulator. Each model has a model datasheet that proves model accuracy. Check back soon for models on the SymLib page.

Thin Film Transistors
Symmetry developed thin film transistor models for polySilicon and AmorphousSilicon allow the study of leakage currents, ambient light effects, and integrating digital logic on glass. We have integrated our models into commercial simulators and parameter extraction systems.

Signal Integrity
SPICE behavioral models of digital drivers aids signal integrity analysis. Use these with your circuit simulator for detailed analysis of ground bounce, reflections, drive and timing.

Modeling Services
Contact us about our modeling services when you need a model.