High performance, ease of use, and affordability have one thing in common: “ICAP/4Windows,” Intusoft’s advanced analog and mixed-signal simulation solution. ICAP/4 is very affordable and power packed. It features a fully integrated set of design management, simulation, debug and verification tools.

Spicenet Schematics Spicenet Schematics

ICAP/4’s patented design entry system (SpiceNet) features different schematic layers (overlays) that easily combine to create different design configurations for debug, test, reuse, PCB and production – all stored in a single database. Layers are often used to construct different design sections, all quickly wired together and highlighted for fast visibility from the composite design. Also, any change in a design configuration is propagated to all others. SpiceNet also includes footprint information for operation with the Bartels AutoEngineer PCB layout and route software.

ICAP/4 features the industry’s legendary “IsSpice4” analog and mixed-signal simulation kernel, including countless enhancements for optimum DC convergence, speed and handling of tough designs. IsSpice4 is even used as the simulation engine with Intusoft’s major partnering companies.

ICAP/4 Professional’s debugging tools help any engineer caught short of time to meet production in the fastest way possible. Pressing a button to sweep component values (as values, equations or functions of other components’ variation) and view real-time signals, mimics actual lab debugging but with much more versatility.

IntuScope is more than just a SPICE post processor. It serves as a powerful waveform display and signal processing system. IntuScope provides flexible features that organize its signal displays, instantly provide numerical signal calculations, and furnish 150 waveform processing functions and mathematical operations.