Updating Norman Koren’s Tube Amplifier Design

I have always been interested in Norman Koren's pages on using PSpice to simulate an audio amplifier that uses tubes. It shows much technical competence relative to analog design, audio design, spice simulation, and generating custom models for tubes. It hasn't been updated, and I wrote to Norman to ask him if I could update the files for use with a more modern version of PSpice and Capture. He gave me permission to do so, and I hope you like the write-up. This blog entry is more of a 'book' of pages (click on each line to go to that page): Update of Norman's original web pages, posted on this website for reference, with up to date links: Feedback and Fidelity Improved vacuum tube models for SPICE Vacuum tube audio page Spice and the art of preamplifier design Reconstructing of his schematics using Microsim PSpice V8 Conversion of the old files to a more modern version of PSpice and Capture Re-setting of the simulations with the new version. Please come back once in a while to view the updated status of this conversion project.

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Spice Model Text Editor

Notepad++ Spice Language File When working with Spice Model files, I like to color code the model files using a custom color coding scheme. I use Notepad++, and have created a Language file that provides the color coding and 'folding' of .subckt models, making the file easier to understand. As an example, the graphics on the left show the .lib file (an ascii file) without any color coding. The image on the right shows the same file, but with the color coding applied: .subckt and .ends statements open and close a 'fold', the comment lines are colored blue, and the various spice primitives are colored in Green...   You can download Notepad++ from http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Once that is installed, you can import the spice language file available from our download page. Go to the "Language" menu, then "Define your language", then "Import" the xml file that you downloaded from this website. You should be ready to go!  

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